Shade Sails Cleaning Service

Shade Sail Cleaning & Maintenance

No need to replace a torn old shade sail when we can repair and clean it, just like new, this is a great money saving service as well as regular maintenance of shade sails will help them last longer.

We service the Melbourne area and surrounds,  residential or commercial.

Ask about having your shade sail stored for the winter months.

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Shade Sail Tips:

  • Remove sails in bad whether particularly when high winds are predicted.
  • Remove sails in the winter months, this helps protect them from the elements and is a great time to have them cleaned and repaired.
  • Do not let water pool on top of sails as this will stain the material and remove bird droppings and mould often to prevent staining.
  • Ensure sails are fully tensioned but never over tensioned, over tensioning sails may lead to stretching and damage of sails. If sails are not tensioned they may flap about in the wind which may be a hazard.


Shade Sail Cleaning

Let Us….

  • Remove your shade sail
  • De-mould & pressure clean it
  • Repair it – good as new!
  • Store sails over winter
  • And re-fit chain tensioned type Shade Sail ready for spring