Playground Safety Inspections

Playground Testing includes fully comprehensive reports, great for school’s, councils & indoor play centres.

You are well aware of the need for a safe and low risk environment for your students and staff.

Risk cannot be totally removed but it can be minimised and managed. The first step in improving safety and reducing the risk of injury is to be aware of factors contributing to potential accidents.

We offer fully integrated services for the safety assessment, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of playground and sports equipment. Play-Safe can test your playground, sports equipment and shade sails.

Inspections are in line with and consider the current Australian Standards;

  • Australian Standards for Playground Equipment (AS4685)
  • Playground Surfacing (AS/NZS4422)
  • Amusement rides and devices (AS 3533.4.2-2013)
  • Design for Access & Mobility (AS 1428.3-1992)
  • Knitted & Woven Shade Fabrics (AS 4174:2018)

Safety Inspections can reveal any areas you may need to address – or where you meet or exceed safety legislation requirements. This is a great service.

Playground inspections are conducted by a qualified Level 1, 2 and 3 playground auditor, with the auditors certificate along with our insurance certificates are provided with every playground inspection quote.

All you need to do to arrange your inspection is call 03 9775 0771 and ask for The Comprehensive Safety Inspection today.

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